Selling an Austin Home

Once someone has decided to sell their Austin home, they should consult with an Austin real estate agent and have an appraisal done. This will help to set a fair and competitive price. Look at the prices for comparable homes in the neighborhood or general area and set it accordingly. Some improvements many need to be made. The investment is not always returned, but it can improve the chances of selling the home sooner rather than later. The seller should factor in how much is still owed as well as the real estate agent's commission and any expected closing costs. Assistance with closing costs may also prompt a buyer to choose one property over another.

Selling an Austin House

Use several different marketing strategies to advertise Austin homes for sale. This includes listings in magazines, newspapers and on the Internet. Have clean photos taken of both the interior and exterior. Feature an special amenities, such as a fence, fireplace, garage, carport, attic or the rare Austin basement.

The grass should be cut regularly. Any plants, trees and bushes should be maintained. If the property resembles a jungle, it should be cleared as soon as possible. Any unused vehicles, toys or equipment should be removed from the yard immediately. Anything appearing broken or dilapidated should be repaired, replaced or removed. This includes items such as screen doors, lamppost lights, mailboxes, siding and shingles. Consider having the home power washed if it has been a while since it was cleaned or painted.

A home's interior should be clean and free of any clutter. Plan on the house being shown unexpectedly, and pack away all personal items. This includes photos, hobby collections, awards and trophies. Clear the kitchen countertops from anything that is not absolutely necessary, such as cookbooks, small appliances, dishes, trinkets and the like. For items like coffee pots and toaster ovens, keep them stored in a cabinet or pantry until they are needed. When they are cool, return them to their storage place. Do not leave anything laying about, such as boxes, laundry or newspapers. The home should not look lived in, but more like a model home.

Selling an Austin House

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